Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Hi Folks,   It seems like the year has flown by. I hope it has been a good one for you.   As the end of 2019 approaches, you may be making plans for the coming year and thinking about what the new year will bring for you and your home.   You may, for […]

Is Radon Gas Hurting Alberta Homeowners?

  Another year in real estate and another year of continuing education with the Real Estate Council of Alberta. I generally am never surprised by the information that is included with the update but this year I was absolutely shocked to find out what the new education contained.   For 10 years now I have […]

RECA News Release – Real Estate Amendment Act – Bill 15

  Honourable Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta, introduced Bill 15; the Real Estate Amendment Act 2019, in the Alberta Legislature.   These amendments give the Minister the power to: • Dismiss the current council members. • Allow the Minister of Service Alberta to appoint an official administrator to manage RECA’s affairs and continue its […]

Should You “High Ball” Your Listing Price?

One of the important decisions you make when selling your home is the listing price. It can be tricky. If you price your property too low, you leave money on the table – perhaps thousands of dollars. If you price your home too high, many buyers won’t even bother to view it because they believe […]

Well my flowers are Frost-Bitten, how about yours? lol

Hi Folks,   Imagine you’re at a dinner party and someone brings up the topic of plumbing. They’ve had some difficulties with hot water pipes during a renovation and they’re telling the story of what happened. Then, another person in the room says, “I have a friend who’s a plumber. I always call him with […]

3936 57 Street *Just Sold* in Greenview!

3936 57 Street is such a Lovely Home!   And it comes with added bonuses for one very special couple.  I am super excited about these folks and their soon to behouse. It’s amazing what you learn, while looking at life through someone else’s perspective … the things I take for granted   I am honored to be a part […]

322 17459 98A Avenue *Just Sold* in Terra Losa!

  Only 19 days and Joan is home !!!   Congrats🎉 🐈🏡 #PurrfectProperties 🏡🐈 My thanks to Alex at Cabin_to_castle for such a great inspection HONESTLY the clients were #so impressed 🎯   Can’t wait to see Joan move in and I am betting she can’t wait for that view …I am delighted and grateful🙏 for such a kind and lovely lady !   whoa terra losa ⭐🍾 how to make me smile 🍾⭐

Edmonton Real Estate Stats for September 2019

The Current Stats in Edmonton – Still, A Buyers Market   Well, one of the political groups has started to roll out their plan to address the stagnant housing market, created after the feds introduced the Stress Test.  I am with the conservatives and their plan to review the Stress Test, remove the Stress Test […]

15220 – 79A Avenue *Just Sold* in Lynnwood

15220 - 79A Avenue - Just Sold in Lynnwood!

15220 – 79A Avenue – Just Sold in Lynnwood!

Edmonton Real Estate Market Stats – August 2019

The Current Stats in Edmonton – A Buyers Market   Edmonton is a place where a Buyer can get a pretty good home for their family at an affordable mortgage amount.  We’re not like Toronto or Vancouver.  You don’t have to pay a $900,000 mortgage to get your families into their first home.  It might […]