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MLS® listing #E4166560 for sale located at 218 10531 117 Street

Courtesy of Jessica Jefferys of Kennedy Real Estate

2 beds 2 baths 1067 sqft

218 10531 117 Street

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4166560

$285 000
MLS® listing #E4166447 for sale located at 202 9120 156 Street

Courtesy of Kristy Tillapaugh of Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd

2 beds 2 baths 968 sqft

202 9120 156 Street

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4166447

$179 900
MLS® listing #E4166246 for sale located at 2149 141 Avenue

Courtesy of Bev O'Shea-Thomas of Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited

3 beds 2 baths 1112 sqft

2149 141 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4166246

$129 900
MLS® listing #E4166095 for sale located at 214 279 WYE Road

Courtesy of Megan Mohr of RE/MAX Elite

2 beds 2 baths 941 sqft

214 279 WYE Road

Sherwood Park, Alberta

MLS® #E4166095

$293 689
MLS® listing #E4166768 for sale

Courtesy of Matthew Langer of RE/MAX Elite

2 beds 3 baths 921 sqft

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4166768

$239 000
MLS® listing #E4166290 for sale located at 49 4050 SAVARYN Drive

Courtesy of Rhonda Navratil of RE/MAX River City

3 beds 3 baths 1107 sqft

49 4050 SAVARYN Drive

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4166290

$274 900
MLS® listing #E4165994 for sale located at 101 9940 SHERRIDON Drive

Courtesy of Mark Malcolm of RE/MAX River City

2 beds 2 baths 1053 sqft

101 9940 SHERRIDON Drive

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

MLS® #E4165994

$229 900
MLS® listing #E4166000 for sale located at 207 4002 47 Street

Courtesy of Heather Malin of RE/MAX Vision Realty

2 beds 2 baths 1000 sqft

207 4002 47 Street

Drayton Valley, Alberta

MLS® #E4166000

$277 500
MLS® listing #E4165822 for sale located at 306 11716 100 Avenue

Courtesy of Sarah Leib of RE/MAX River City

2 beds 2 baths 1300 sqft

306 11716 100 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

MLS® #E4165822

$364 800
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How Do I Know a Condo will Allow my Pets?

How do I find a Pet Friendly Condo in Edmonton that will allow both me and my pet to move in? Are pets allowed at Condos? Get help finding the right home for you and your pet(s) with this Edmonton Pet Friendly REALTOR®.

You find a great home, you write an offer, all to find out that Fido isn't allowed to come. The property is not pet friendly, yet the MLS® listing said there were no restrictions, how does this happen? Well it happens all too often in Edmonton and Buyers with pets pay the price.

The search is probably frustrating for you when you try to find that feather or fur friendly home. It’s a bone of contention with me, I love pets and think REALTORS® could work a lot harder to be more clear with listing this correctly. It doesn’t make up for the problematic system; however the best reason I can give you as to why you see discrepancies like this is because:

Many REALTORS® choose not to read the condo documents before they list a property. Many REALTORS® don’t look at condos docs, at any point. Perhaps even your buyers agent won't look at condo docs for you. Every agents services are different and industry standards are changing all the time. 

The flip side of not looking at condo docs is just using the descriptors for this entry incorrectly. You see, our system has been created with three options for pet restrictions the listing agent can pick from – NOPET, PETSR and N-KNOWN.

N-KNOWN - Unfortunately many pick NONE KNOWN, so they will not risk turning away potential buyers from seeing the home OR because they have not read the condo documents and therefore CANNOT say if there are any restrictions.

Not very helpful for pet owners, I know. 

PETSR – This is supposed to mean PETS RESTRICTED BY BOARD – Height, weight, quantity and type of pet restrictions, all implemented by the condo corporation and you will most likely need to seek board approval before bringing your animals on site.

NOPET – This means exactly that – no pets, not even the ones that make bubbles as their loudest noise.

SO what’s the worst that can happen? Well here’s a quick story:

My broker was telling me just recently about how an Agent in our office helped a client purchase their condo. The client loved his cats and moved them into the property. He had told his agent from the beginning that his pets were very important to him and he essentially bought a condo that did not allow pets. The agent did not help him review the documents, and he didn’t bother to check the pet rules in the owner usage of the condo by-laws. When the property managers found out he had pets in the unit, he was fined $250 /day /pet since he moved in. 

How can you be sure your fur babies will be permitted? – READ YOUR CONDO DOCS!!!!! There is no other way to know.

I hope this information helps you. I would love to be the REALTOR® to help you find you and your family your next home. Are you aware that REALTOR® services are free for buyers? That’s right, both ends of the transaction are paid for by the seller. My help comes at no cost to you.

Contact me to save thousands on your next home.

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